Passive infrared movement sensors (PIR) attract the infrared energy sent by people and guide it through complex filter systems and ” pirosensor” mirrors.

Fire Fighting

These systems alert you when there is alarm of fire. Meaning, they warn you of the FIRE before flames appear.

Video Surveilance

Telesurveillance and videosurveillande systems are connected to the video web servers that allow you to watch your business or house  cameras from any part of the world as long as you have internet access through your computer.


Assemble all types of safes, small format and large format, hidden, for private enterprises and banks.

Access Control

Electronic Systems.
They control the access to special areas for better security.
Below you will find all the different models available for outside opening.

Intelligent Video

It is the most advanced and complete video security system in the market.  It works with both analogical and IP cameras, simple and efficient. Keeking guard is not just recording.