EXTERIOR Intrusion System


Infrared Barriers and Motion Sensors

As it can be seenin the image above, it does not only help you prevent intruders in your property but it can also work as an effective control in dangerous areas for children.

Active Infrared Barriers

Active Infrared Barriers (transmitter + receptor), for intruders detection in perimetral installations.

  • Highly inmune to false alarms.
  • Deactivation signal in adverse conditions.
  • Reduced detection area.
  • Easily adjustable to the terrain.
  • Low maintenance

Barreiers for doors and windows via radio

Mini infrared barriers for intruders detection in perimetral installations.

  • Small size.
  • Easy to integrate on doors and windows.
  • Multiple beans and sizes.
  • Up to 30m exterior coverage.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low maintenance

  Exterior Movement Sensors

ANIMAL EXEMPTION: This is an additional issue for any house or bussiness.

These sensors not only permit unrestriced movement of animals in residential areas, but also diminishes false alarms originated by small animals in business premises. Some models include a microprocessor that can discriminate between humans and animals, without compromissing the systems ability to discover intruders

DUAL TECHNOLOGY: In order to maximise security against false alarms, two technologies are combined, passive infrareds (detec changes in temperature that an intruder may originate) and microwaves (detect body movement in the area).
Both technologies have to be activated to set the alarm off.Thus, this is a highly reliable system.