Sensor Cables


Wall Sensors Cable

Wall sensor cables are hidden to detect intruders in the perimetre, these generate an invisible electromagnetic field. When an intruder interferes in the field of detection, the alarm is set off. If the system is connected in a net, the alarm will inmediately give notice of the event cables to the the central computer through the sensor.


  • 4th generation grooved intelligent coaxial sensor.
  • Hidden sensor with volume field, invisible to detection.
  • Follows the terrain profile.
  • Continual field of detection with over 99% efficiency.
  • The less vulnerable perimetral sensor to be avoided.
  • Each processor can manage 200 metres areas each, a total of 400 metres.
Contrary to many sensors, this system can detect moving targets, their size and the range of its movement. Unless a target meets the minimal assigned characterisitics the alarm will not react. People or vehicles will be detected while small animals will be omitted. Leaves, branches, rain, snow or sand storms are filtered by proper algorithms on the sensor cables. Producing a high probability of detection (Pd) and a very low range of false alarms.


Cable Sensor


This buried sensor cable is a new intruders detection system  for those areas where perimetral protection is essential. This volume sensor is installed following the terrain and can exactly detect when intruders walk, run or crawl in the area of detection.

400 metres coverage range per processing unit. This system has a processing unit and two pairs of 200 metres sensor cables buried in the ground, cement or tarmack following the premisses perimetre. Each sensor cable determines an intruders detection area. It spots intruders within 3 metres.
Invisible detection field.
Easy adaptability to the terrain.
It includes a mode that allows multi sensitive detection in different areas.
Software which controls detection areas.
High level direct interface.


Cable Fence

Perimetral security system to protect fenced areas giving precise point of intrusion. It can be added to any kind of fence.
It detects vibrations in the fence due to  mechanical action such as climbing, cutting or lifting of the fence.

The sensors used are piezoelectric. They are connected to the central processing unit by data cables.

Using special logical algorithms, the system considerably reduces non desired alarms caused by methereological phenomenon (wind, rain… ).

The system can identify each individual sensor, pointing very precisely the place where the alarm was set off. Each sensor can be configured individually to the desired parametres.

One Processing Unit (PVJ)can manage 600 metres fence, to a 2,5 metres resolution.
Other incoming type of sensors can be integrated to the system , such as magnetic contacts for doors and can also control other outgoing sensors such as floodlights.

Window Protect

  • System advantages.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Long life.
  • Addressing system for each fence panel when intruders detected.
  • Easily integrated to other security systems.
  • You can control other perimetre systems through the systems data cables.
  • A processing unit can cover a 600 metres perimetre to a 2,5m resolution.
  • Configuration software for an easy starting of the system.
  • Optimised supervision software at a reasonable price
  • Driver for a complete integration software to version SEVEN