INTERIOR Intrusion System



Volumetric INTERIOR: interior motion detectors

Passive infrared movement sensors (PIR) attract the infrared energy sent by people and guide it through complex filter systems and “pirosensor” mirrors. These signals are digitally read, evaluated and checked to find out if there has been any change in the infrared energy, which comply people’s characteristics, so the sensors can activate the alarm inmediatelly.

This complex interaction between electronics and mechanics mákes sure that no other interfering signal can affect the efficiency of the sensors.


ANTI GLASS BREAK: Sensors to detect glass crack

Sensors are specially prepared against disturbance originated by traffic noise, bells, whistling, ultrasonic signs or other electromagnetic interferences. Due to their small size, they can be placed on walls or roofs.

Sensors can be calibrated to the room needs or area. An acustic simulator helps check the well functioning of the sensors and corrects any possible deviation to its best outputs.

Fast and easy to install and well prepared against false alarms.


Walls Sismic Sensors

The  sensor can reliably and exactly detect all structural sismic signs and it is highly sensitive. This high sensitivity is independent from the pressure of being fixed to the supervised area and reacts in a reliable and exact way to any thermic or mechanical attack.

It guarantees a safe and reproducible installation.




Infrared barrier sensors. They are ideal for windows and doors protection, allowing the user to configure his own security system with windows and doors open.

A column barrier to transmit infrared light and another to receive it.

It can be installed for indoor or outdoor needs.