Assemble all types of safes

If you have valuables or cash in your house, it is worth to install a vault to protect your most valuable possessions. Before getting down to work, you have to decide which is the box that best fits our needs. In this report it will be explained the most used models  and what they doAlso, if you’ve decided on the embedded version we explain step by step how to proceed to complete a successful installation.


Where to place the safe?

The vauit or wall safe is one wich is inserted into the structure of the residential work, so placement should be sought from the time of construction. For this, usually determines its containing space, the box is then placed in its final site, and hides from view by placing it behind a painting that hangs from the wall or behind a decorative element such as carpets, panels coated woods, with wall paper or other techniques.

We assemble all  types of safe, small  and large formathidden or for private enterprises and banks.